Cadi McCarthy has choreographed and directed numerous full length works since 2005. Her mission is to create professional dance theatre productions, through narratives that incorporate dance, dialogue, humour and are based in real life situations that are relevant and accessible to the general public.

Flipside Dance Company RIPTIDE was Flipside’s Pilot project in Newcastle 2014, at the Playhouse Theatre in November 2014. Students from across the Hunter, Central Coast and Greater Hunter  collaborated  with Professional contemporary choreographers and emerging visual designers from the University of Newcastle to create Riptide, a full length contemporary dance piece negotiating the terrain between […]

Buzz Dance Theatre Directed in collaboration with Artistic Associate: Laura Boynes Visual Design: dashvisual Composers: Matt Cornell & Tristan Parr Set Design: Laura Boynes, Tristan Parr & Monique Wajon Dancers: Peter Fares, Bernadette Lewis, Yi Lin Kong, Tyrone Robinson, Ella Rose Trew, Toby Derrick, Rhiannon Newton Look the other way is a provocative work that looks at […]

Buzz Dance Theatre Visual Design: Roly Skender Composer: Matt Cornell Dancers: Laura Boynes, Peter Fares, Jacqui Claus, Amy Macpherson, Hayley Schmidt Centred on a young female protagonist (around 10 years) the project looks at the overriding theme of childhood loneliness.  Our young character’s real world is harsh and difficult she uses her imaginary worlds as an […]

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Buzz Dance Theatre Designer: Stormie Mills Composer: Matt Cornell Dancers: Laura Boynes, James Welsby, Hayley Schmidt, Peter Fares There was once the roar of kids playing footy, the squeals of a chasey match, and grass stained kneecaps Then it all started to change The whirr of machinery, the clamor of metal and the laying of bricks […]

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Cadi McCarthy & Company Dancers: Dean Cross, Miranda Wheen, Laura Boynes, Daniel Riley McKinley, Miriam Bond Five people come to a party, having been invited by friends of the host. They don’t know each other. They don’t know anyone else at the party. They don’t know whose house it is. And their friends don’t show […]