Fragile (2012)

Buzz Dance Theatre

Visual Design: Roly Skender
Composer: Matt Cornell
Dancers: Laura Boynes, Peter Fares, Jacqui Claus, Amy Macpherson, Hayley Schmidt

Centred on a young female protagonist (around 10 years) the project looks at the overriding theme of childhood loneliness.  Our young character’s real world is harsh and difficult she uses her imaginary worlds as an escape and safety mechanism.  Here, she learns to cope with her feelings, relationships, and problems and finds a way forward. This work will be thought – provoking and artistically engaging with a set designed like a puzzle.  Fragile will provide its audience with a rich visual and emotional experience that will incorporate dance, puppetry, visual media, and digital animation on the screens that encompass the space.

The animation provides the imaginary world that the protagonist creates, the world where she process information and learns to cope.  These worlds, primarily black and white with splashes of colour, will move from fun filled joy rides, to scarier places that reflect her own emotions.

Buzz Dance Theatre’s presentation of Fragile is spot on throughout, offering thoughts on life and relationships suitable for all ages. A celebration of the power of the imagination, Fragile explores the deep – felt travails of contemporary childhood and adolescence enabling them to be examined and addressed.

- Nerida Dickenson, Artshub 2012