Goodbye Jamie Boyd (2012)

Buzz Dance Theatre & Monkey Baa

Directors: Sandie Eldridge & Cadi McCarthy
Composer: Kingsley Reeves
Visual Design: dashvisual
Movement Direction: Danielle Micich
Set Design: Rita Carmody
Performers: Gemma Round Yates, Peter Fares

Goodbye Jamie Boyd (author Elizabeth Fensham) delves into themes of mental illness, a topic that deserves attention because of the little understanding and stigma attached to it. The short story is work at the forefront of youth culture, this psychological work is provocative, inspiring, relevant and accessible, tackling themes of love, loss, self harm, drug abuse and mental illness.

Anna and Jamie are inseparable, the brother ands sister team who face the world, family and school together. Their love for each other is bigger than anything else they know and stronger than any ordinary bond. It is Jamie that challenges Anna throughout her life; it is Jamie who challenges her to jump off Ben Hall’s Rock, smoke weed and drive fast and Carrot Wash Bend. When Anna Boyd kills her brother, what follows next is a revelation to all, most especially to Anna.

Wow! I can honestly say that Goodbye Jamie Boyd was one of the best theatre experiences I have had. It was inspiring. The design and use of multi-media was brilliant and haunting. The students were enthralled. They were absolutely speechless. This needs to be taken on a tour around the country. Fantastic youth theatre!

- Carmen Noonan, Head of Drama, St Columba’s Springwood, NSW