Look the Other Way (2013)

Buzz Dance Theatre

Directed in collaboration with Artistic Associate: Laura Boynes Visual Design: dashvisual Composers: Matt Cornell & Tristan Parr Set Design: Laura Boynes, Tristan Parr & Monique Wajon Dancers: Peter Fares, Bernadette Lewis, Yi Lin Kong, Tyrone Robinson, Ella Rose Trew, Toby Derrick, Rhiannon Newton Look the other way is a provocative work that looks at themes and issues affecting young new arrivals living in Australia. What it is like living as a teenager in another country, with a different culture, language and moral value? How does it feel to be on the fringes of the Australian culture and at what point is someone accepted. How long does it take to become an “Australian”. The work delves into ideas relating to role reversal: What would it be like if the shoe was on the other foot? How would teenagers in Australia feel if they had to escape at all costs due to civil unrest, poverty or extremism in their own country? How would they hope another countries would react to them knocking on their door for help? Would they expect to be accepted without judgment or prejudice? Do young people even consider this as an idea?