Restless (2009 & 2012)

Cadi McCarthy & Company
Buzz Dance Theatre

Visual Design: dashvisual
Dancers (2012):  Laura Boynes, Peter Fares, Jacqui Claus, Amy Macpherson, Hayley Schmidt, Ella Rose Trew
Dancers (2009): Laura Boynes, David Mueller, Amy Macpherson, Hayley Schmidt, James Welsby, Holly Diggle

Restless is a new dance theatre work that explores the distractions, both internal and external that keeps us awake at night. RESTLESS is a re-exploration of a work performed in 2009 in Canberra. From the nervous excitement of a first date through to the overwhelming madness brought on by insomnia the work explores six characters narratives, Through movement, text and visual design, RESTLESS draws out the varied emotions the characters experience over one sleepless night. Mattresses litter the stage, representing psychological walls, blocking the sleep so desperately craved. The mattresses become performers in their own right and vehicles for the visual design, central to the struggle.

So what does a sleepless night look like in dance? It twists and turns to an incessant drumbeat. It flinches as a noise arouses. It trembles at unidentifiable terrors. It collapses acrobatically on to mattresses. It becomes meditative just before dawn. It is performed with guts and clarity. Restless is perfect for an audience who may or may not be familiar with contemporary dance.

- Nina Levy, West Australian 2012

Restless 2012

Restless 2009