Shambles (2007)

Cadi McCarthy & Company

Dancers: Dean Cross, Miranda Wheen, James Shannon, Chrissy Norford, Holly Diggle, Hayley Schmidt

Imagine, a set full of cardboard boxes and suitcases, boxes labeled ready to move, piles of yet to be packed gear (the leftovers that can not be thrown away or no longer have a place in your life) and the gut wrenching job of having to cull your loved belongings – we all have emotional baggage, especially after a relationship collapse. Everyone has faced this or a similar predicament, having to decide what to take and what to leave behind – both literally and emotionally.

Without abandoning her trademark accessibility, this piece exhibits an absorbing complexity. Amid a set littered with cardboard boxes that are cleverly integrated choreographically, Dean Cross lays bare the emotional upheaval involved in moving house – and moving on in life- after a relationship breakdown.

Unlike many dance theatre works Shambles does not suffer from a dearth of dance. This is demanding choreography impressively executed by all dancers – with striking control demonstrated in partner work.

- Margaret Jolley, Dance Australia 2007