Stop! Don’t Blink (2010)

Buzz Dance Theatre

Designer: Stormie Mills
Composer: Matt Cornell
Dancers: Laura Boynes, James Welsby, Hayley Schmidt, Peter Fares

There was once the roar of kids playing footy, the squeals of a chasey match, and grass stained kneecaps
Then it all started to change
The whirr of machinery, the clamor of metal and the laying of bricks
Everyday something new was built, something else taken away
Making more and more noise, without even noticing
Until, there was no more space

Stop! Don’t Blink integrates contemporary dance, striking lighting design and art installation by renowned Perth visual artist, Stormie Mill. The work tells the story of an ever-changing urban landscape, focusing on the environment, responsibility and the emotional affect changes in the urban landscape have on young people. This is a visually stimulating work where landscapes are built, altered and destroyed on stage. The set includes scaffolding, construction materials, warning signs, graffiti and a little piece of wilderness. The original music score by Matt Cornell is urban and industrial providing a sound-scape that encapsulates the ever- changing environment.

Watching the dancers swing and hurdle through the verticle space is exhilarating.

- Nina Levy, West Australia 2010

Pure entertainment – explosive dance combined with a generous dollop of humour. This fun-filled hour is guaranteed to win over audiences.

- Nina Levy, Dance Australia

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