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Israel Aloni - Digital Propel Residency
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ISRAEL ALONI commences a second stage Catapult Propel Choreographic residency in May 2021, spending three weeks choreographing and collaborating with catapult Dancers: Mikayla Nangle and Alexander Ford.
They will premiere the work IN YOUR FACE at THE LOCK-UP on Friday May 21st
Choreographer: Israel Aloni
Performers: Alexandra Ford & Mikayla Nangle
Friday May 21st: 6pm & 8pm
Limited Tickets only 40 per performance
Catapult Propel Choreographic Residency
Join us at The Lock-Up to experience this incredible new work by Swedish-Australian based choreographer: Israel Aloni
IN YOUR FACE experiments with extrapolations of identity and the confrontational aspects of negotiating one’s presence in a context which is already so overtly dominated by social and political symbolism.
Israel Aloni is an independent choreographer, educator, performer, writer and culture entrepreneur.
Israel Aloni is the Artistic Director of ilDance which is an independent and international contemporary dance company and organisation which initiates and operates numerous pioneer projects worldwide. ilDance is based in Gothenburg Sweden and was founded by Aloni and Lee Brummer who is the organisation’s Associate Director.
As a performer, Aloni danced a vast repertoire of globally acclaimed choreographers during their engagement with the Israel Ballet, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, “The Project” belonging to the Israel Opera and Odelya Kuperberg Dance Group. Between 2002 and 2017, Aloni created and performed a rich selection of repertoire with GöteborgsOperans Danskompani (Sweden) which was their home company for these 15 years.
In 2013-2014, Aloni was a guest artist with Sasha Waltz & Guests in Berlin, Germany. Alongside their career as a performer, Aloni has been choreographing, mentoring and teaching dance. They have worked around the world with both professionals and students of higher education in independent structures as well as in institutions such as Regionteater Väst (SE), Norrdans (SE), Sasha Waltz & Guests (DE), NAROPA (US), Sydney Dance Company (AU), Estonian National Ballet, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and MAPDance Chichester (UK), to name a few.
As an independent choreographer, Aloni has developed their own choreographic language which is also the core of their teaching method. Aloni’s practice is mainly derived of their fascination with the infinite creativity of the mind and fantasy, whilst utilising the body as a physical demonstration of the self – a medium for interaction with others and subjectively experiencing the world.
Moreover, their methodologies of creation and production are direct results of their desire to facilitate a reality in which individuals are liberated and encouraged to emancipate their subjective artistic voice through actions and activities that reward the artists, their collaborators and the public.
This second stage choreographic residency is supported by Catapult Dance Choreographic Hub, Create NSW, City of Newcastle and The Lock-Up


This is a first development of a new piece titles IN YOUR FACE which will continue to be developed during 2020.

IN YOUR FACE experiments with extrapolations of identity and the confrontational aspects of negotiating one’s presence in a context which is already so overtly dominated by social and political symbolism.

During the first week, the artists acquaint themselves with one another both personally and artistically, allowing the additional duration of time that is required by the limitations of the virtual world.

Aloni led morning classes of their own movement experience method titled – The I.Aloni Experience.

Then the artists endeavoured various improvisational tasks which enabled them to interrogate notions of performance, movement, presence, identity and context.

In Aloni’s practice, the specificity of ties and connections amongst the group of artists who are gathered to collaborate on the making of a new piece is really crucial.

To develop a work which is unique to both the individuals in the process and the specific circumstances in which they meet and work together, Aloni proposed introductory concepts and offered an encouraging space for Ford and Nangle to share their current interests, passions and curiosities.

The first week concentrated on conceptual evocations and their physical manifestations. Through improvisation practice, beginning of work with objects and in depth conversations, the artists started describing the realm in which they can intellectually meet and from them start together to create the new piece.

The experience of the first week in residency through the virtual sphere has been taken as a reality rather than a limited opportunity. In other words, Aloni is witnessing the process unfold from a both subjective and subjectified position of a distant viewer through various online communication platforms. This position, which is more removed than the way Aloni usually works with the dancers, offers them an additional layer for observation and contemplation upon the process.

Aloni is aware of the loss of other aspects which would have been available if they shared the same physical space with Ford and Nangle such as intimacy and energetic exchange.

But both the loss and the gain which are enabled by the first week of the process happening on virtual communication platforms, are seen as subject of research and exploration rather than any form of hinder or limitation.

Israel Aloni

Artistic Director & Co-founder of ilDance

Propel Digital Residency - Israel Aloni:

Collaborators: Alexandra Ford & Mikayla Nangle