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Catapult Dance Choreographic Hub, based in Newcastle is a professional arts organisation for mid-career choreographers, emerging choreographers, multi-disciplinary artist, young people and the community

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Engaging the Creative Mind
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Childhood and youth are key times for exposure to the performing arts.


Our CREATIVE KIDS dance programs reach children, young people and their communities, engaging all as participators, creators and artists.


Creativity is the domain of all ages, backgrounds, and young people, and a crucial cultural resource that gives profound meaning and quality to life.


Participants are encouraged to play, learn and explore aspects of dance and contemporary dance theatre.


In a fun and playful atmosphere we introduce developmental skills including: warm-up; isolation of body parts; co-ordination and sequencing; shapes, spatial awareness and patterns.


Participants will be guided through creative play, and imaginative games with dance, movement, music, and rhythms.


The focus is on dance sequences, creativity and collaborative team building games.


Building confidence, incorporating problem solving techniques; and higher order thinking.


CLASSES RUN: FRIDAY 4pm to 4.45PM – 5-8 years