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Catapult Dance Choreographic Hub, based in Newcastle is a professional arts organisation for mid-career choreographers, emerging choreographers, multi-disciplinary artist, young people and the community

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REGIONAL WORKSHOPS can be tailored directly to your school or community.  


In consultation we will design a project to suit your needs


Catapult will engage a team of choreographers to come to you and develop a dance program just for you!!!


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Catapult provides classes, workshops and intensive programs in schools, for community groups, young people and teachers. We have qualified dance specialist teachers that can provide a program that will suit your needs.


Secondary Workshops

Contemporary and Composition based workshops. From Introductory classes for year 7 students, through to specifically designed classes for students in years 11 and 12.


Schedule can include:

  • Contemporary Technique
  • Professional Repertoire
  • Composition
  • Improvisation Techniques
  • HSC


Secondary and Primary Theme based Residencies and Choreography


What is your school working on at the moment?  Residency Programs can be designed and tailored to benefit your school.  We can provide:


  • Intensive technique workshops
  • Choreograph a new work on your students,
  • Help with your school’s performance or production, or
  • Devise a program based on the themes, ideas and concepts you are currently working on.


Primary School workshops

Childhood and youth are key times for exposure to the performing arts. Our dance programs reach children, young people and their communities, engaging all as participators, creators and artists. Creativity is the domain of all ages, backgrounds, and young people, and a crucial cultural resource that gives profound meaning and quality to life. Participants are encouraged to play, learn and explore aspects of dance and contemporary dance theatre.


Years PP – 1

In a fun and playful atmosphere we introduce developmental skills including: warm-up; isolation of body parts; co-ordination and sequencing; shapes, spatial awareness and patterns. Participants will be guided through creative play, and imaginative games with dance, movement, music, and rhythms.


Years 2 – 4

The focus is on dance sequences, creativity and collaborative team building games. Based on themes linked to performances and/or curriculum, participants will be involved in performance outcomes; building confidence, incorporating problem solving techniques; and higher order thinking.


Years 5 – 6

Students will be taught dance based on contemporary and dance popular culture.  Intricate dance sequences will be taught to challenge and inspire. The students are given the opportunity to extend these phrases adding their own flair. Workshops are physical, fun and funky.  Strut your stuff on the dance floor!


Theme Based and Arts Residencies

Each classroom will create a fun and inspiring dance piece to showcase to family, friends, and the school community. Dance pieces can connect to classroom content or school wide initiatives. Let our dancers get your students up and moving. A residency will be created to fit your school.


Introduction to Dance

We can be in your school for a whole day to provide introductory dance classes for every year group. Each class will incorporate highly physical, exciting and fun dance phrases to funky tunes, a great way to get the school up and moving.  This is a positive and healthy way to engage the whole school in an arts extravaganza.  Let us take over for the day, sit back and watch the whole school bust a move.


Yoga Classes are also available for all ages to build strength and flexibility, relax, and bring calm to any classroom environment.